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Weight Sensor (Load Cell) 0-30kg

Weight Sensor (Load Cell) 0-30kg

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Introduction :

Applicable to electronic scale, price computering scale, electronic platform scale, digital scale; parcel post scale, electronic balance and all varieties of commercial scales by single load cell.


Capacity: 30KG

Rated output(MV/V): 2.0±0.15

Accuracy class: C2

Maximum number of laod cell verification intervals(N max): 2000

Minimum number of laod cell verification intervals(Vmin): EMax/5000

Combined erro(RO): <±0.030 Creep(RO/30min): 0.03

Temperature effect on sensitivity(RO/°C): 0.0016

Temperature effect on zero(RO/°C): 0.003

Zero balance(RO): 1.0

Input resistance(Ω): 402±6

Output resistance(Ω): 350±3

Insulation resistance(MΩ<50V>): 5000

Recommended excitation voltage(V): 10~15

Compensated temperature range(°C): -10~+40

Operating temperature range(°C): -35~+80

Safe overload(RO): 150

Ultimate overload(RO): 200

Load cell material: Aluminium

Plafform size: 350x350mm

Connecting cable: ø4.2x350mm

Method of connecting wire: Red(+),Black(-),Green(+),White(-)