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About Us

In 2009, the very idea of establishing an E&E business entity was in the mind of a newly graduated university student as lacking of Malaysia local design house in E&E field would become a barrier for our country to accelerate forwards as a high-tech country.


The name Micro Tesseract was chosen (micro shorts from microelectronic and Tesseract from the mathematical term for four-dimensional Euclidean space) which is very mathematically complex as our ideas of business entity. During the earlier days, we have taken smaller projects from local universities and polytechnics while making links with other E&E communities in the world.


Micro Tesseract Enterprise (also known as µTx) is a business entity registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia, SSM in August 2012. It was established by three ambitious engineers with different types of skills and background, but with one mission in mind – to help the nation grow in the electronics industry. We started our first joint business on a small scale by doing online business back in 2011. As our online business grown, we planned on expanding our business by recruiting other dedicated engineers and technicians to cater all of our customer’s needs.


µTx primary types of business are engineering services and supplies. We have all the required skills and knowledge to design and manufacture customized electronic systems per our customer’s requests. Our core business is in development of custom electronic product mainly data acquisition system and wireless sensor networks. Building software, mobile applications and web-based applications are also our expertise. Workings in engineering environments for some time have broadened our connection with other manufacturer and supplier; therefore we are also able to supply engineering materials and tools nationwide.


At µTx, we have competent trainers with vast knowledge in engineering; mainly in the embedded system and microcontroller. Training services in these areas can be provided per our customer’s requests.


“Empowering the future through technologies” is our motto as technology is a good investment for our future and through technology we can make a sustainable future for generations to come.


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