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Tiny OTG Adapter - USB Micro to USB

Tiny OTG Adapter - USB Micro to USB

Product Code:ADA2910
Price: RM19.00


This super slim, super tiny, and super cute Micro-B to USB on-the-go adapter is so slim, tiny, and cute that we'd pinch its cheeks if it was big enough to have cheeks.  At just ~15.5mm long, ~11.3mm wide, and ~2mm, this really is the tiniest little adapter we've probably ever seen.

But don't let the size fool you - this is a perfect and easy way to turn a device or cable with a USB-A to a USB-micro, great for use with OTG devices such as phones, tablets, mini computers, Arduino Zero's, Raspberry Pi Zeros, etc. Just push it into the slot of a USB-A plug and, ta-dah... microUSB!




    • Dimensions: 15.5mm x 11.3mm x 2mm
    • Weight: 0.5g
Tags: usb, otg, adapter, micro, 2910