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MiniQ 2WD Complete Kit (Based on Arduino)

MiniQ 2WD Complete Kit (Based on Arduino)

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2WD MiniQ mobile robot is especially designed for learning purpose like 4WD MiniQ mobile robot. It also comes fully assembled and all your need is a PC with Arduino IDE and 4xAA battery.  
It is powered by most popular Atmega328P which is fully compatible with Arduino. 
The 2WD MiniQ has two wheels build-in encoders. So you could easily to control the speed of the robot. 2 infrared sensors make it possible for you to build a line tracing robot. 2 infrared transmitters and 1 infrared receiver can help you to finish simple obstacle avoidance and the IR remote control. 1 buzzer could let the robot sing some funny songs when running.
Compared with the 4WD MiniQ, we improve the communication function on the 2WD MiniQ platform by increasing a Xbee slot. Make it possible for you to achieve a wireless communication or wireless programming for your robot. 
To perform wireless progrmming, you will need a pair of our WPM modules. And on the robot side,directly plug the WPM module in the Xbee socket on the 2WD MiniQ platform. The other one could be connected to the computer via a Xbee USB adapter orXbee USB adapter v2 easily. Then you could program your robot as regular Arduino processor wireless.
  • line tracing robot
  • Simple obstacle avoidance
  • Multi-Robot system
  • 2 DC Motor Driven
  • Max Speed:79cm/s
  • Atmega 328P microcontroller
  • Arduino Compatible
  • Compatible with xbee module and wireless programming module
  • Size: 110x123x42 mm
Shipping List
  • 2WD MiniQ platform (1 unit)
  • IR remote control (1 unit)
  • Xbee adapter (1 unit)
  • Mini usb cable (1 unit)
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