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FLORA Budget Pack

FLORA Budget Pack

Product Code:ADA1405
Price: RM231.00

Get started with the fabulous Adafruit Flora platform with this lovely budget kit, just enough to get you started with this fun wearable computer. Included are enough parts to make your first wearable electronic project. There's a Flora motherboard, four ultra-bright chainable RGB pixels, a 3xAAA battery holder and batteries, a battery extension cable, our high quality stainless steel thread, alligator clips to help you test out your parts and connections and a USB cable for reprogramming the Flora. Over $50 worth of goodies, for under $40.

We guarantee lots of safe sewing fun!

You may get a FLORA with an off-white or black JST connector.



FLORA Budget Pack (6:30)



Head to the Adafruit Learning System for the following FLORA tutorials:



Getting Started with FLORA
Adafruit's Wearables Platform
Sewable NeoPixels
Addressable, chainable, delectable!
Flora Wearable GPS
Our Ultimate GPS-- for wearable electronics!
FLORA Pixel Brooch
Maxiumum blinken, no soldering!
Flora Snaps
Easily removable snap-on Flora!
A tiny television neutralizer
Flora GPS Jacket
Location-aware outerwear
Wearable Piezo Tones with Flora
Make your clothes play a song
Flora Accelerometer
Wearable 3-axis motion + compass
LED Ampli-Tie
Wearable VU meter necktie with Flora
Flora Lux Sensor
Wearable luminosity sensing!
Plush Game Controller
Capacitive touch sensing with conductive fabric & Flora
Sparkle Skirt
Stitch a circuit that lights up when you move
Chameleon Scarf
Changes color to match!
Firewalker LED Sneakers
Burn up the dance floor in these red-hot kicks!
Citi Bike Helmet
Navigation & visibility with FLORA!
FLORA NeoGeo Watch
LED ring GPS navigation and timekeeping
Washing Wearable Electronics
Rub-a-dub-dub, FLORA in the tub
NeoPixel Ring Clock
Keep time with FLORA
Bring your own rainbow
LED Stego Flex Spike Hoodie
3D Printed NinjaFlex Spikes over LED Pixels
FLORA & Codebender
Program your FLORA in your browser!
GPS Logging Dog Harness
Get yer log on
VU Meter Baseball Hat
Sound sensitive NeoPixel cap
Flora MIDI Drum Glove
Finger Drumming Wearable Electronics