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Acrylic Xboard Relay Base - Universe

Acrylic Xboard Relay Base - Universe

Product Code:DWG0005-U
Price: RM5.00
Last month, We released the UNO Base. A beautiful acrylic base for Arduino UNO.  It's a nice gift for my UNO baby. It's a nice shoe, a good protection, an eye-catching killer. Then my UNO is extremely different to others.


This time we offer more choise for the Xboard Relay and Romeo.  Transparent acrylic panels looks crystal clear and clean. Two different choise for different hobbies. The basic version is a atable base and the special version is more eye-catching.


My girl friend has used two base to make her board like a sandwich. The basic one for bottom and the spical one for cover, it's very very very cool!  I love it! 


You do not come to a double do! 


  • Thickness:6±0.5mm





  • Acrylic Xboard Relay Base  x1
  • M3 * 6 nylon column  x10
  • M3 * 10 screw  x10
  • M3 nut  x10