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  • 3DR APM 2.6 Set
    The APM 2.6 is a complete open source autopilot system and the bestselling technology that won the p..
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  • 3DR Pixhawk
    Pixhawk is an advanced autopilot system designed by the PX4 open-hardware project and manufactured b..
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  • 3DR Radio Set
    Kick your mission planning into real time with 3DR Radios, featuring interchangeable air and ground ..
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  • 3DR uBlox GPS with Compass Kit
    This new design incorporates the HMC5883L digital compass, providing a convenient method of mounting..
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  • APM MinimOSD Rev. 1.1 Kit
    MinimOSD, an Arduino-based on-screen display board. It's tailored for use with ArduPilot Mega..
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  • GPS Mast
    The GPS Mast improves the performance of a 3DR GPS with Compass. The mast elevates the GPS + Compass..
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