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Knit Conductive Fabric - Silver 20cm square

Knit Conductive Fabric - Silver 20cm square

Product Code:ADA1167
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Price: RM69.00

This knit jersey conductive fabric is 63% cotton, 35% silver yarn and 2% spandex. Use small pieces for soft switches, plush keypads, capacitive touch sensors, and other textile interfaces. It's very soft and matte, perfect for ironing onto wearables with double sided interfacing. This conductive fabric has different resistance in each direction: 46 ohms per foot across the rows (stretchier direction) and 460 ohms per foot across the columns (less stretchy direction). This is because a knit is comprised of a single strand of fiber that travels back and forth across the fabric. Great for use withFLORA

Sold as a 20cm x 20cm piece (minimum dimension) Iron on medium if necessary, steam ok. Dry cleaning recommended. Discoloration can occur over time. 

Knit Jersey Conductive Fabric - 20cm square (9:38)