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Dial-type Potentiometer(10k)

Dial-type Potentiometer(10k)

Product Code:111990001
Price: RM42.00
Potentiometer is one of the most useful basic components. This is a 10k dial type potentiometer with knob. It’s space-saving and user-friendly. You can read the actual resistance value via the straightforward knob without auxiliary instrument like multimeter. Each has been pre-calibrated. You can implement it into your circuit right out of the box.
A tiny hex wrench is included in case of recalibration.
  • Straightforward
  • Highly linear
  • Space-saving
  • Max resistance: 0 - 10KΩ
  • Accuracy : ±5 percent
  • Lin : ±0.25 percent
  • Max mechanical angle : 3600° 
  • Dimensions: 46mm(height) * 22mm(diameter)